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Home Cleaning Services

Need a thorough home spring clean ? Look no further as the experts at home cleaning services have your back. We have professionally trained teams who are ready to tackle all the dirt out of your home and leave it clean and sparkling.  Whether you are cleaning out for a grand home event , just giving the home a fresh clean makeover or moving into a new home. The professionals at dirt and grime removal are ready to give you a hand.

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Home Spring Clean Service

For our once off home spring clean we have teams that range from three to ten trained members  (number varies on the size of the home) coming to your residence to give it a new fresh look. Our spring  cleaning service is customised to suit each of clients requirements as we understand that each of our clients will always have unique needs.

The home spring clean service includes carpet and upholstery steam cleaning which is professionally done by expert technicians.

So whether you are cleaning for important guests, a new baby , a special event or are going to be relocating book our specialised service for splendid results. Visit our pre occupation cleaning page to find out more about our pre occupation cleaning special.