Carpet Cleaning Services Cape Town

Our professional carpet cleaning services in Cape Town are carried out by expert carpet technicians who are trained specialists in the craft of carpet care and offer a superb level of service at a price you can really afford. Your carpets are a key part of the personality and ambience of your home or office, adding colour and vibrancy. When they get dirty and jaded, it affects the whole feel of the space where you live or work.

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Home or Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional deep carpet cleaning services to remove dust mites and stains leaving carpets smelling fresh and clean

Office Carpet Cleaning

Deep Office  Carpet cleaning to ensure carpets are smelling new and fresh

Home Carpet Cleaning

Deep and thorough home carpet cleaning to remove dirt and dust.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning to ensure chairs are clean and fresh looking move .

Deep Carpet Cleaning

We make use of the effective hot water extraction method to clean carpets. By cleaning your carpets at regular times with using this method, we double the life of your carpet as this is a safe cleaning method. This has been proven because the grit from the base of the pile which causes carpets to wear out is extracted. Hot water extraction methods success in the last few years is due to the effective machines used. They are now much more powerful than previous methods. As a result, not only are your carpets are cleaner but also the drying time is much faster.

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