How to Properly Clean Kitchen Appliances

Nobody likes cleaning chores, especially in high-traffic places like kitchens. However, these rooms are quite susceptible to the accumulation of dust, mold, germs, filth, and other tiny nuisances, which makes the hassle inescapable.

Bleaching the countertops and washing the floors is pretty straightforward, but what about all those dirty appliances? Well, there are many ways to combat dirt and they are not all created equal. Take good care of your kitchen appliances and they will know how to thank you: with years and years of faithful service.

As clean as a whistle

The cleaning technique depends on the appliance you want to clean and the cleaning solution you decide to employ. You can always follow the instructions in the user manual, but not everything is in there. As for an appropriate cleaning product, note that there is little that a vinegar and water or a baking soda and water solution cannot deal with. Natural and DIY options are usually better than harsh chemicals that contain a slew of toxic substances. So, let’s first discuss some of the biggest problems out there, and I mean that in the literate sense.

Oven cleaning is one of the tasks people put off all too often. This is somewhat understandable because unless you have a steam-cleaning oven, you need to get ready for a labor-intensive scrubbing session. Remove the racks and clean them in a bathtub if you have a small sink. Make a baking soda and water paste and spread it around the inside of the oven. Wait overnight and then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse the racks off and put them back in place.

Put an end to the reign of dirty terror

Furthermore, the refrigerator is another appliance that demands special attention. The best time to attack the dirt and grime is when it’s relatively empty. Turn it off and take all of the remaining food out. Wash the drawers and shelves in warm, soapy water. Clean the inside with a baking soda and water solution. I would choose it over an all-purpose cleaner any day of the week. Just don’t miss any spots.

Along similar lines, we come to the kitchen sink, a heavy-duty appliance that needs to be disinfected thoroughly. If you perform maintenance on a regular basis, then a good old scrub-down with a disinfectant detergent and a non-abrasive sponge does the trick just fine.

Cleaning a water filter regularly, following the manufacturer’s instructions, will not only prevent any damage to the water purification system, but also ensure the flow of fresh, clean and healthy water. Quality undersink water filters are easy to maintain: All it takes is to close the valves, carefully remove the housing and cartridges and then clean them with warm water and a soft brush.

To effectively clean tight areas, you should put a toothbrush to good use. Don’t overlook faucets and handles. Finally, to deliver the finishing touches, you can polish with a piece of cloth.

Piece by piece

Some smaller appliances are notoriously tricky to clean, but this must not put you off.  Take the example of coffee makers, appliances that sport that annoying combination of many detachable parts and hard-to-reach spaces. You have to hand wash, not put it in a dishwasher and sit back. Ideally, take it apart and wash every component separately. Also, you should wait overnight for the cleaning solution to do its magic. That way, you can not only make your appliance sparkly, but also get rid of bitter tastes and pesky odors.

A similar technique should be used for other smaller appliances such as blenders. Although the manual might state that the product is dishwasher-safe, problems like crackling could still happen. If you still want to try your luck, use only a drop or two of soap and toss in a couple of pieces of lemon for an extra dash of scent. After the dishwasher does its part, rinse the appliance out with cold water and let it dry.

The dishwasher itself can be easily cleaned if it has a sanitize cycle. Otherwise, you can go DIY with a Tang, a citric acid present in the popular beverages. Alternatively, purchase a dedicated dishwasher cleaning product.

Smooth cleaning operations

In most homes, kitchens are the dirtiest rooms. Cleaning is a dreaded activity all right, but you don’t want to sweep problems under the rug or let them pile up. Every appliance has its quirk, so get to know it.  You have a handful of common household items you can work wonders with: consider those before any chemicals. If you commit to doing cleaning and maintenance tasks regularly, you save yourself a lot of headaches and unnecessary costs down the road.