Preventive Rug Maintenance: The Essentials

Designing your home interior is probably the most satisfying part of any home improvement project. You can be as creative as you wish and decorate your home so it matches your style and taste. Little details can make a huge difference and turn a dull and uninviting house into a warm home.

The quickest and easiest way to bring a space to life and add interest, texture and warmth is by accessorizing with rugs and carpets. However, an important part of having them is their proper maintenance, so they can beautify your home as long as possible.

Here are several tips for preventive rug care so they stay in top shape over time.

Keep dirt outside

The first step in keeping your entire house clean, including your carpets and rugs, is to keep the dirt outside. Putting a doormat at all your entrances will help greatly in absorbing soil, mud and moisture of your shoes. It will also trap all kinds of excess dirt, dust, grit, sand, gravel or oil that might otherwise be brought into your home. In addition to wiping off your feet before entering your home, make sure you clean your mats regularly, so they don’t become overload with dirt and a source of pollution themselves.

Clean your area rugs

Regular cleaning is a very important part of carpet maintenance and a sure way to prolong their life. Do it on regular basis and make sure you also restore carpet pile underneath as well. Whether you choose to do it yourself or you hire professional cleaners, wait until the rugs are completely dry before putting them back, since the colour in some rugs may still bleed through when wet.

Use high-quality carpet pads

A good quality pad is an essential part of any rug or carpet. Not only does it offer better comfort and resilience underfoot, but it also significantly extends the lifespan of your rugs. The choice of pads is as wide as carpets themselves, so make sure you do the research, since different rugs require different types of pads, depending on their thickness and density.

When it comes to making your final choice regarding the pad or the rug itself, you can buy your rugs online at, as they offer a wide choice of styles, colours, sizes and materials. It pays off to buy better quality as they will last longer and keep looking amazing.

Minimize direct sunlight exposure

Exposure to direct sunlight can influence the chemical structure in the colour of carpets causing them to fade. To prevent this, use awnings, blinds and curtains to reduce the impact of the sun in those months of the year when it is the strongest.

Move furniture carefully

Your furniture is another factor that can influence the condition of your rugs and carpets. Their weight leaves an imprint on the carpet and can lead to excessive pile crushing. One way to avoid this is to move furniture occasionally. It’ll give your room an instant, mini makeover, but it will also help prevent those crushed patches from forming. You can also use carpet protectors under the legs of furniture that will additionally protect your rugs from wear and tear.

Tastes and styles of home decor greatly differ from person to person, including the choice of rugs and carpets. Whether you opt for nylon, polyester or wool carpet, or you prefer the softness and fluffiness of shaggy rugs, by accessorizing your rooms with them, you’ll be able to enhance the beauty of your home and make it even more comfortable and enjoyable. And with proper maintenance, you will enjoy your home and be stress-free for a long time.