Post Construction Cleaning Services

After building work cleaning

The headache of going through renovation or a new build construction is always worth it in the end when you’re moving in and touching all the new surfaces and fittings.
Extra Clean provides a post renovation cleaning and after construction cleaning services.
Post Renovation Cleaning Services
Irrespective of whether you’ve gone through a small or large renovation the results are the same. Dust, dust, dust everywhere. Getting a professional cleaning company that can put the final sparkle on your dreams is a necessity leaving you to add the final touches displaying your unique style.
Post Construction Cleaning Services
Moving into a new build is exciting with the possibility of a new start. However, cleaning up after builders is not pleasant and puts a dampener on the level of excitement. This needn’t be the case if you hire a professional cleaning service to undertake post construction cleaning.
Extra Clean has extensive experience of providing cleaning services and has as such developed the standard checklist for post renovation and construction cleaning is below:
• Kitchen cabinets inside and outside cleaned
• Countertops and shelves wiped to remove dust
• Sinks cleaned and sanitized and tiled backsplash cleaned
• Exterior of oven, fridge etc. cleaned
• All surfaces wiped down
• Windows inside and out cleaned
• Interior windowsills and curtain treatment hardware wiped
• Kick boards cleaned
• Marks on walls removed
• Doorknob, doorframes, doors and light switches cleaned
• Rubbish removal
• Cleaning of floor surface using appropriate cleaning products
• Sink and bath cleaned and sanitized
• Shower cubicle cleaned and sanitized
• Toilet inside and out cleaned and sanitized
• Mirrors wiped
• Cabinets front and inside cleaned
• All surfaces dusted and/or wiped
• Windows inside and outside cleaned
• Windowsills, curtain hardware cleaned
• Tiles wiped down
• Doorknobs, doorframes, doors, light switches wiped
• Marks on floor tiles removed
• Rubbish removed
• Tiled floor washed
• All surfaces wiped down
• Cupboards inside and out cleaned
• Carpeted floors vacuumed
• Hard surface floors damp-mopped
• Mirrors cleaned
• Windows and sills cleaned
• Baseboards wiped
• Marks on walls removed
• Doorknobs, doorframes, doors, light switches cleaned
• Rubbish removed
• All surfaces wiped
• Cupboards inside and out cleaned
• Carpeted floors vacuumed
• Hard surface floors mopped
• Mirrors cleaned
• Windows and sills cleaned
• Marks on walls and baseboards cleaned
• Doorknob, doorframes, doors, light switches cleaned
• Inside of fireplace wiped
• Rubbish removed

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