Office Cleaning Services Cape Town

Office carpet cleaning services Cape Town

We offer professional office cleaning services in Cape Town. At Extra Clean we always develop a special and lasting relationship with each and every one of our clients. We create a customised office cleaning schedule so as to ensure the working environment is always clean and hygienic. You spend most of your time in the office and having a clean environment to work in improves your productivity and more importantly makes you a happy healthy individual.  Contact us  now on 021 555 3432 or email  to find out more about our office cleaning service which can either be once off or contract janitorial services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

A study of 400 managers and employees conducted by American research company HLW International showed that staff productivity levels were determined to be heavily influenced by the cleanliness of the office in which they worked. They reported a 5% productivity gain (R125,000) in a 100-employee office with an average salary of R25,000.
Hiring a professional office cleaning company to provide monthly contract cleaning for any commercial premises such as offices, schools, manufacturing, studio’s, workshops etc. which are cleaned at an agreed frequency can make a marked difference to your bottom line.
Extra Clean provides a number of companies with contract cleaning on a daily to weekly basis across Cape Town.

The areas we focus on are with high traffic volumes include:


The office kitchen is a busy place with most employees frequenting the kitchen whether to heat up food, make coffee or wash up. Extra Clean ensures that the sink, tiles, floor and surface areas are always clean as a part of a daily cleaning contract. On a weekly basis, the fridge is cleaned to ensure food safety and health of employees.


Research shows that employees detest overflowing bins. Extra Clean cleaning staff undertake regular rounds to ensure that bins don’t get to the point of overflowing.

Reception Area

First impressions are so important. A professional impression will be left with clean floors, sparkling windows and clean surfaces with a clean welcoming smell.


No-one likes a messy and dirty toilet. Extra Cleans cleaning staff undertakes regular rounds to ensure a clean and hygienic and fully supplied toilet is available for staff use.

General Areas

Office, photocopy and print areas, meeting rooms are all cleaned by Extra Clean’s professional cleaning staff on a regular basis to ensure a safe, clean and productive environment.
Keeping these areas clean especially with the varied materials used in building modern buildings is a challenge with regard to knowing which products work best and don’t lead to a cloudy buildup. Extra Clean’s professionally trained staff are trained in which products to use that’s appropriate for the surface to ensure maximum cleanliness without damaging the fabric of the material itself.