Moving into an Immaculately Clean Home

Every home looks picture-perfect during an open house day. As you walk through it and imagine you and your family resting in its living room, it may look like an interior ripe for a high-end lifestyle catalog. However, we all know what we see is usually not what we get. As soon as you buy the house and start moving in, you should prepare yourself for a few unpleasant surprises. The dirt can be a cunning enemy, hard to notice on the first run-through, so in order to move into an immaculately clean home, here’s what you need to do.

Dust it off

No matter what sort of a house or a room it is, the best course of action would be to start from the top. Ceilings can usually hide a lot of cobwebs, especially in the dark corners. You can use a simple broom to clean them off. Sometimes, if you move a counter or a tall armoire, you’ll be faced with a thick layer of dirt and dust. The best way to deal with this, without spreading dust all over the room, is with a wet mop. By working your way down, you’ll be thorough and stop the dirt from sneaking its way into other crevices.

Sanitise the bathroom

You’ll need some rubber gloves, disposable highly-absorbent mops and your sanitizer of choice. The fastest and the most efficient way to finish this chore is to employ other members of the household to help out. Remember to keep the door and bathroom window open for better air circulation. Sanitizers can produce dangerous fumes, but they mostly become dangerous in enclosed spaces. It’s important to point out that this rule also goes for any part of the house you intend to sanitize.

The kitchen can be equally problematic since this part of the house is often cluttered with furniture pieces and crevices that need a thorough sterilization. Thankfully, most kitchens have a set of big windows, so creating a healthy draft should not be a problem.

Clean the unreachable

Most of the kitchen cupboards reach the ceiling, but sometimes there is a bit of space between the top and the ceiling. This space usually harbors a thick layer of dust, and it rarely crosses the mind of old and new owners to climb a chair or a mini-ladder and clean it up. In fact, this is one of many areas in the house you won’t be cleaning on a regular basis. Other such areas can be found inside cupboards, behind armoires and radiators, inside vents and fans, etc.

Take some time to refresh these hidden spaces you’ll likely never touch again. On a side note, if your walls are decorative and have some sort of uneven surface, it’s almost certain they have tons of “invisible” dust on them you’ll need to take care of.

Move the furniture around

Some of these tight spaces have mold on them; however, bulky furniture can be impossible to move around without additional help. Thankfully, experienced pros, as these Penrith-based removalists, offer assistance where your muscles can’t do the work. They can pull aside entire library shelving units, canopy beds and towering armoires in a heartbeat, and you’ll be able to clean the asthma-causing fungi without breaking a sweat. They can really be useful in the case you need to get rid of some of the furniture that came with the house because of the bug or mold infestation and irreparable damage.

Frequently touched places

It’s not only grime you should be worried about. Frequently touched surfaces are a breeding ground for bacteria, so you should focus on cleaning them up with anti-bacterial spray. These include door handles, light switches and buttons, as well as various appliances – from the oven to the fridge handles and dish-washer lid.

In order to make a particular home feel like yours, you need to clean it thoroughly first. After all, if you’ve bought a house, it doesn’t mean you should buy the dirt of previous owners along with it. Cleaning up your new household is a good place to start your new adventure and move into an immaculately clean home.