How to Facilitate Your Pool Cleaning Efforts

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is definitely one of the best features you could have. Not only does it give you a chance to relax and energize after a hard day’s work, but it also provides a fabulous setting for parties and gatherings. However, bear in mind that pools are a luxurious feature and they do require proper and regular maintenance if you want your pool to last and stay safe, functional and attractive.

All of this may seem overwhelming and like a big blow to your budget, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Almost all maintenance work can be done by you, provided you have the following steps in mind.

Keep it clean

The first step in pool maintenance is keeping the water and all equipment clean by removing dirt and debris. You should inspect your pool at least two or three times a week and clean whatever has fallen in on the surface and down to the bottom. The best tool for this a long hand pool net that lets you easily catch all the surface debris by standing on the deck and sides of the pool. To reach the debris on the bottom, use a long hand brush for scrubbing the floor. Don’t forget the pool equipment, especially the filters, as a lot of dust, dirt and leaves can clog it.

Maintain the water line

Another area that needs your attention is the pool’s edge. This is an excellent breeding ground for detrimental bacteria due to evaporation and flotation, so the water surface in your pool gets easily contaminated with algae or various other substances. Bacteria cling to the water line and sides of the pool and multiplies. If you regularly scrub the edges along the water line, you will successfully prevent the buildup of these unwanted guests, and your pool will be a safe and clean environment.

Monitor the water level

When you install your swimming pool, it’s important you also get well informed about the optimum water level for your pool. It’s one of the factors that helps keep the necessary balance of water chemicals and it also facilitates the proper functioning of all the pool equipment. There shouldn’t be a big discrepancy in water levels during one week, but it will certainly vary if you use the pool actively. However, if you notice a dramatic change in the water level, make sure you contact professional maintenance service for help.

One thing you can do to help in long-term water level maintenance is to install a pool cover. The best thing about durable pool covers is that they do not only keep the water level optimal, but you’ll also have a peace of mind, knowing that everyone is safe; you can’t be out there constantly supervising your loved ones. These sturdy covers can hold the weight of children, pets and adults equally well, plus they prevent excess evaporation that causes the water level to drop.

Check the water quality

The quality of pool water, with the correct balance of chemicals and minerals, is one of the most influential factors that will ensure you have a clean and sparkling pool water and proper functioning pool equipment. Get a simple pH testing kit and check the pH level in your pool. This will tell you if there’s an imbalance of acidity that needs to be fixed.

It’s also recommended to treat your pool with chlorine regularly. The frequency of treatments depends on the size of your pool, water temperature, the filter cycle and frequency of pool usage.

By applying these easy maintenance steps, you’ll be able to have a safe, healthy and beautiful swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy all year round.