Event Cleaning Services

Pre & Post Event Cleaning Services

Extra Clean offer customized event cleaning services for a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. Our staff are trained to clean at casual and formal events which include parties, weddings , concerts , festivals, co operate meetings ,sporting competitions , fundraisers , religious meetings and many more events which would require cleaning.  Events cleaning can either be done before , during or after the event depending on the requirements.  please contact us now to make a booking for your event cleaning.

Irrespective of whether your event is a 50’s birthday celebration or a large national conference or exhibition for hundreds of people, Extra Clean

Home Celebrations

Your efforts to make your event a truly memorable one has been achieved. Congratulations on wonderful memories being captured for prosperity. But now it’s time for the clean-up to return your home to its former sparkling clean self.
ExtraClean provides a post celebration clean up service that includes:
• Cleaning the crockery, cutlery and glasses
• Cleaning all the surfaces in the party area
• Cleaning the floor of the party area
• Ensuring that any bits and pieces outside of the party area is picked up and/or cleaned e.g. pool area etc.
• Removing the rubbish

Conference and Exhibition Clean Services

Irrespective of whether your organised a conference or an exhibition for consumer shows or business to business events there is always the need to make sure that the event is consistently putting its best foot forward. ExtraClean provides the following services:

Prebuild Cleaning

Irrespective of whether you are using a combination of shell schemes and designed and built stands there is always some dust and mess to be cleaned up before the exhibitors arrive to dress their stands.
Extra Cleans cleaning staff ensure through regular sweeping and picking up of rubbish that the area is ready for inspection and is not a fire hazard. We understand the City of Cape Towns (CCT) event requirements and ensure that we follow them to the letter. This ensures that the event organiser doesn’t need to worry about cleanliness of the event and can rather focus on other more pressing areas to make the event a resounding success.

During the Event

With a large number of people drinking and eating whilst enjoying your event, regular emptying of rubbish bins and sweeping of the corridors to keep them clean is important for the visitors and the exhibitors. Our staff aim to be as unobtrusive as possible to allow the exhibitors the shine.

Post Event

The visitors have left and the exhibitors are packing up. Extra Clean does the final clean-up of collecting the rubbish bins and sweeping while the stands are being broken down.