House Move Cleaning

Pre Occupation cleaning

Moving homes is an exciting period; Extra Clean can help you focus on what is more important while you leave the mess to us. Extra Clean are passionate about the service that deliver and we ensure that the moving process is a smooth process. We have experienced teams that are always ready to help out with the cleaning. The team size that is sent out to do the cleaning will vary depending on the size of the house.

Post Occupation cleaning

To make a booking for your pre and post occupation cleaning simply contacts us on 021 555 3432 within 48 hours of the move and we will make a booking for you. Our cleaning teams can work without any supervision as. Our cleaning teams will always move with a supervisor who ensures that the cleaning is done to the right standards. This ensures you can focus on packing or unpacking while the professional team does the end of tenancy cleaning.

Move in and out cleaning

We use effective equipment like steam cleaners which are effective in removing tough dirt and grime. We understand that a post occupation or pre occupation cleaning must be thoroughly done as it is not the same as a general clean. We will ensure that when you move out there will be no issues with securing your deposit from the landlord. Also if you are a landlord and want to ensure new tenants move into a clean and fresh home will ensure to clean to the Extra Clean standards.

Cleaning is completed in a day and our team will arrive at 8am and will clean until the place is clean in 8 hours. The number of cleaners varies depending on the size of the house or apartment to be cleaned and we always ensure to get the cleaning done within the agree timeframe.

To make a booking contact us now and we will clean beyond your expectations. Call 021 555 3432 or email

We service the whole of Cape Town from Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, West Coast and Atlantic Sea board.