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Commercial Residential and Industrial Cleaning Services Cape Town

Extra Clean are one of leading service providers of cleaning services in Cape Town. We have cleaning solutions to cater for a wide range of client requirements from residential cleaning , commercial cleaning for a range of office spaces, catering, restaurant and industrial for warehouses and production areas . Contact us to make an enquiry and free quote on your cleaning requirements in Cape Town.

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What sets Extra Clean apart from our competitors is our 98% customer retention rate. This exceeds the industry average of 70%. Extra Clean ensures that we remain at the forefront of up to date cleaning practices to the benefit of our customers

Excellent Cleaning Service

Our customers consistently mention our great customer service and quick response rates as the reason for not only continuing to use Extra Clean but recommending Extra Clean to their friends and family.
Professional service is always guaranteed with Extra Clean. We provide cleaning services for homes, offices, malls, clubs, estate common areas, schools etc.

Trained and Supervised teams

Extra Cleans well trained and supervised teams are handily located in Cape Town’s Southern and Northern Suburbs to ensure prompt service that sets up apart.
All Extra Cleans staff are rigorously screened for background checks before they are employed. Extra Clean has invested and continues to provide extensive training that all our staff go through. As a result, all our staff are trustworthy and can be left alone in your home and office.
Our training is ongoing to keep up with new cleaning practices and equipment.

Innovative Cleaning Methods

Extra Clean has invested much time and resources to test different cleaning methods as well as cleaning solutions on different materials. This ensures that our staff use the correct solutions on the right materials in your home e.g. wooden floors, removal of mould in grout etc.
As much as possible Extra Clean use innovative cleaning methods which use less chemicals such as steam cleaning. The high-pressure steam ensures minimum use of chemicals but results in maximum cleaning results.

Customised Cleaning Services in Cape Town

As part of the evaluation that Extra Clean undertakes to assess our customers’ requirements, we also include a degree of customisation for each of our clients. This may mean:
• flexible hours
• extra attention to some areas such as playrooms etc.


For those customers who have pets we ensure that the natural moulting of cat and dog hair is removed to reduce allergic reactions and enhance the cleanliness of the home.

Spring Cleaning Cape Town

With the change in seasons both in spring and autumn we highly recommend to our domestic customers to book a spring clean. This involves a deeper layer of cleaning as a number of customers change their soft furnishings to suit the season at this time.

Working Hours

Extra Clean operates during normal working hours of between 8am to 5pm. However, enquiries can be made around the clock.
Depending on the clients wishes Extra Cleans working hours can also be adapted to suit your needs.
Extra Clean looks forward to being of assistance and providing excellent professional cleaning services to you.